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  • Model Number: GT-207
  • Stove recommended for areas of up to 1600 sq. ft. (149 sq. m.)
  • Works without electricity (except for the optional 2 fans)
  • High-efficiency unit operating with #1 or #2 oil
  • Easy hook-up to oil tank (gravity-fed or pump)
  • Cast iron door with borosilicate glass
  • Large cookig surface with lift-top
  • Metallic black finish
  • Yellow flame burner with wood-fire look
  • Tested by OMNI as per applicable standards (CSA/ULC/UL and/or others)
  • Note: consumption as per technical specifications is expressed in American gallons. 1 American gallon gives 0.83 Imperial gallon
  • Anti-downdraft DIKAPT (5" diameter)
  • 2 ultra-quiet blowers with variable speed control of 100 CFM each
  • SBI fire-lighting gel
  • Decorative log set

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