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Practical advice

In this section, we would like to communicate some useful recommendations that will make your purchase a totally satisfying experience.

Advice 1

If you are heating with an EPA certified stove for the first time, take some time to read the instruction manual. It contains valuable informations in regards to the EPA controlled combustion technology, which is very different than the conventional slow combustion technology. By following the instructions you will get the optimum combustion time without having to reload the stove constantly.

Advice 2

The chimney is the engine that drives the wood-heating system. Use a chimney that is UL-listed, with an inner diameter to match the stove's outlet collar (6" for all Flame wood stoves).

Advice 3

Try to run the chimney inside the building for as much length as you can. A tall and warm chimney will produce a good draft.

Advice 4

Try to install your chimney straight up and avoid 90 degree turns in the flue pipe and offsets in the chimney.

Advice 5

Make sure that the chimney is tall enough and its top is clear of obstacles so it can produce a stable draft.

Advice 6

Use a chimney thermometer installed at a distance of approximately 18 inches on the flue pipe above the stove. Flue gases should reach at least 350°F before you close the stove's primary air intake completely. Operate your unit within the comfort zone indicated on the thermometer.

Advice 7

To reduce the risk of smoke spillage into the room upon reloading your stove, leave the primary air intake completely open for a few minutes. This will heat up the chimney and build up draft before you open the stove door.

Advice 8

Maximize hot air circulation! Our wood stoves are designed to easily receive a variable speed blower that will improve heat distribution in front of the stove.

Advice 9

Remember that wood stoves produce radiant heat. Since heat rises, the use of floor traps will greatly improve the heat transfer to rooms upstairs.

Advice 10

Use a mobile home approved stove if you are going to install your wood-heating system in a mobile home. A fresh air kit must be connected to the stove. Never install your wood stove in a bedroom.

Advice 11 Burn only dry cordwood.
Advice 12

Make sure you have a good bed of red coals before you load your stove with logs exceeding 3 inches in diameter.

Advice 13

Read and keep you owner's manual. It will provide you with tips on how to run a successful wood-heating system.