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In this section, we would like to give you a brief summary of some useful links related to residential heating in general.


The Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association (HPBA) is an international trade association that represents and promotes the interests of the hearth products industry in North America.


HPBAC is the Canadian affiliate of HPBA (see link above).


This web site provides helpful hints on how to use your wood heater in an efficient manner, in accordance with current Canadian security standards.


This web site provides numerous tips on the complete installation of chimney systems.


This comprehensive web site deals with all aspects of residential wood heating, from environmental issues to technical advice.


This section of the EPA web site contains valuable informations on EPA burning as well as installation and proper use of your wood stove.


This web site of the Pellet Fuel Institute (PFI) educates consumers about the convenience and practicality of using wood pellet fuel in both residential and commercial applications.


This web site of the Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada through professional training and education.


This site presents a complete guide to residential wood heating.


This web site of the Ontario Woodlot Association promotes sustainable forestry practices in private forests to ensure the viability of these forests for future generations. It also contains very interesting discussion papers and studies regarding woodburning.


This web site provides you with information so that you can find the best multi fuel stove for your household and shows how wood and other fuels, burned in a modern stove, offer an immediate, prac­tical, low-cost method of full-time home heating for any­one.


CMHC is Canada's national housing agency. The CMHC also produces a consumer's guide to the selection of a wood burning device, and how to operate it safely and efficiently. To download this guide, click here.