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Heating with wood pellets; cheaper than oil and propane

March 1st 2012

Since everyone is looking for means to save money, many organizations have decided to track and published the cost of wood pellets alongside traditional heating fuel sources such as oil, natural gas and propane, for the consumer to make a wise choice in the kind of heating fuel they will choose.

For example, the price of pellets is now being tracked and posted by the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning. The information about average statewide costs for bulk-delivered fuels is derived from a survey of five companies providing bulk pellet delivery service in New Hampshire. It shows that wood pellets are far cheaper than heating by heating oil or propane, although more expensive than natural gas.

This week, 1 million BTU's of heat cost: natural gas ($13.50), cord wood ($17.50), wood pellets ($18.03), No. 2 heating oil ($34.97), kerosene ($39.56), electricity ($41.50) and propane ($46.86). This low cost of pellets might convince many to turn to wood pellets to heat their homes.

Although best known as a source for individual stoves, pellets can be fed by augers into whole-house boilers or industrial-sized machines that can heat schools or factories.

Canadian and U.S. governments offer financial incentives to homeowners who purchase or replace their old unit by advanced solid-fuel burning appliances. To find out if a program is available in your area, just go to the "Government incentives" section of this Flame Web site.

To read the complete article Nashua Telegraph by David Brooks, click here.

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